Legacy Admissions Solutions provides the most thorough, objective and comprehensive analysis of your existing admissions processes.  Admissions Effectiveness Assessments and Mystery Shops are conducted with a combination of off-campus and 3-4 day on-campus exploration.

Our team of experienced admissions professionals will take great pride in providing a side-by-side approach to understanding your schools’ critical issues and goals, and will provide you with a complete perspective of your unique challenges, opportunities, and modern approaches to gain the edge over your competition and position your campus for success.

To provide your school with the best analysis, our Admissions Effectiveness Assessment and Mystery Shop will initiate the following components:   


  • Understand the schools’ culture, mission and goals
  • Interview the executive and department leaders, as well as admissions team members
  • Analyze conversion reports and identify gaps in key admissions metrics
  • Assess the existing admissions process from point of inquiry to placement
  • Review student facing materials, collateral and value propositions
  • Assess the response time once a request for information has been submitted, and measure the effectiveness of the contact strategy
  • Review phone guides and observe appointment setting calls to measure effectiveness and compliance
  • Review admissions conversation materials/guides and observe admissions and financial aid appointments conducted with prospective students to measure effectiveness and compliance
  • Evaluate the current admissions approach influencing the student experience
  • Connect with existing students to gain their perspective on the existing admissions approach and their reasons for choosing your school
  • Analyze the existing inquiry mix and inquiry management system/CRM
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing strategy, including the school’s website and social networking position
  • Assess the effectiveness of the high school marketing and admissions strategy
  • Understand the admissions management approach
  • Analyze the evaluation strategy, and its effectiveness, in assessing Admissions Rep. performance
  • Review the new Admissions Rep. onboarding process, corresponding training materials and ongoing Admissions Rep. development strategy
  • Provide “spot coaching” during the on-campus visit
  • Conduct an internal mystery shop – Choose from phone evaluations and/or on-campus evaluations (mystery shopping a competing school can be conducted upon request)
  • Focus on additional areas as requested
  • Provide an on-site debrief of immediate findings and “quick-fix” solutions

  • Within two weeks - we'll issue a findings report and propose recommended solutions for solving challenges and strategies to help achieve goals.

At Legacy Admissions Solutions, we provide the most thorough, objective and comprehensive Admissions Effectiveness Assessment and Mystery Shop of your existing admissions process.  We understand how important it is for you to have clear visibility into what is and isn’t happening at your campus, as well as being informed of any possible compliance concerns and training needs. 

Additionally, having full insight to what your prospective students are experiencing, as well as the true effectiveness of your admissions processes and approach, can reveal current, unknown and future challenges, needs for continued training and development, as well as helping devise solutions and new strategies that can provide your school with a competitive advantage.

Admissions Effectiveness Assessments  & Mystery Shops