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​2008, 2012, 2015 and 2017

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To be the premier admissions training and enrollment and student retention solutions organization, both domestically and abroad.  We strive to equip leaders, admissions professionals, and educators with the best empowering systems to exceed expectations, and improve team dynamics and campus culture.  
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With 23 years of success, and ​over 650 schools supported,   

Legacy Admissions Solutions has been a trusted partner of higher education institutions, both public and private, accredited and non-accredited, specializing in admissions effectiveness training, empowering faculty development, and customized enrollment and student retention solutions.   We take tremendous pride in not only providing excellence in compliant solutions and training, but in helping campuses promote a student-centric culture and admissions experience, as well as project a positive image and reputation throughout the community.

With declining enrollment, an ever-changing regulatory environment, and overwhelming public scrutiny, we recognize many schools are faced with incredible obstacles standing between them and achieving their mission

and goals.  

Legacy Admissions Solutions was founded on the idea you don't have to face today's obstacles alone to achieve success.  We exist because we deeply care about higher education, student success, and strive to help institutions leave a legacy in the lives of countless students.  This passion guides our work and drives our client service by providing the best training, and enrollment and retention solutions to address today's challenges for tomorrow's victories. 


Our unrivaled blend of expertise, student-centric philosophy, innovative and forward thinking approaches, continuous proprietary research, scientifically proven strategies, as well as our highly regarded results-driven training programs, have supported schools in meeting/exceeding enrollment and retention goals while giving them the competitive advantage to overcome future challenges.

​​Integrity:  We are committed to always doing right by our clients and operating honestly and ethically in everything we do.

Excellence in Service:  We strive to continually surpass our client's expectations and consistently provide unparalleled service. 


Deliver Client Value:  We maintain a constant focus on providing superior results for our clients, continuously improving our services and creating lasting partnerships.


Innovation:  We are dedicated to envision advanced, forward-thinking and strategic solutions that seize new opportunities for achievement.


Teamwork:  We leverage the power of collaboration by unifying our people, networks and clients to achieve goals.


Respect:  We cultivate relationships grounded in honor, conviction and empathy.​​

Our Passion is Education!