Educator Development for Enhanced Teaching, Learning & Impact 

​​Mastering The Legacy 5A Model® –

Resolving Conflict, Improving Retention, and Becoming a Coaching Culture

Do you run away when conflict arises?  Do your students or teammates know how to use their Jedi mind-tricks to push your buttons towards the dark-side of frustration?  Do simple objections or concerns turn into an episode of the Jerry Springer Show?  It’s time to build your confidence with a scientifically-proven system that will turn obstacles into opportunities to strengthen connections, communication and culture. 

Legacy’sinternationally recognized, and award-winning, proprietary

Legacy 5A Model®, has become the communication DNA of schools and organizations by understanding and effectively resolving conflict, minimizing drops and increasing student retention, while transforming into a coaching culture.  

Key Learning Goals:

  • Understanding the psychology of conflict and triggers
  • The impact mindset has on effectively coaching and addressing conflict
  • Learning and mastering The 5A Model®
  • Strengthening one-on-one, team, and educator-student communication
  • Strategies for becoming a coaching culture and improving              student retention

Educator Development


Model of The Year

  "The Legacy 5A Model®" 


Since learning is a lifetime commitment, Legacy is dedicated to supporting our amazing Educators by offering Educator Development programs that strengthen the professional development of all educators.

Our goal is to empower Educators with resources and strategies that increase the effectiveness of their teaching, communication and engagement with students, while improving retention and simultaneously enhancing the confidence of students and Educators. ​​

Delivered in-person or live, interactive, virtual event.

Cracking the Student Code –

Improving Connections, Communication, Coaching, Confidence and Culture Between Students and Educators

“I don’t understand them!”  “They’re not like me!”  “They just don’t get it!”   

With teacher burnout at an all-time high, educators and school leaders are beyond frustrated as they struggle to understand and communicate with the differences in a student’s mindset, communication, learning style, and personality.

Everyone has a unique set of personality traits which evolve through time.  Personality is the core driving our motives, behaviors and actions.  Today’s most successful Educators evolve with today’s student by understanding and embracing their differences. 

As part of our award-winning research, which helped create more of our industry-leading systems, this high-impact, entertaining, challenging, hands-on program, will help utilize and interpret the Legacy Student Success System™ and Legacy Talent Optimization System™, to bring awareness to the 
5 Student "Types” and 4 Educator "Types” discovered by the Legacy Team, and provide inspiration for celebrating each student and educator’s uniqueness’s.   

Key Learning Goals:

  • Improved understanding and appreciation for differences.
  • Understanding key strengths, limitations, motivators and demotivators, and communication and learning styles.
  • Bridging the generation gap.
  • Identifying students at-risk and awareness of student outcomes and market trends.
  • Effective coaching, engagement, and conflict resolution strategies.
  • Techniques in strengthening an inclusive culture.
  • ​Strategies for improving student retention.
  • Empowering educators to continue changing students’ lives.