• New Hire Training
  • Refreshers to Sharpen Admissions and Leadership Skills
  • ​Compliance Training
  • ​Performance Improvement
  • ​Enhance Your Admissions Approach
  • ​Proprietary Tools to Gain the Competitive Advantage
  • ​Continuing Education Hours

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Results, Results, Results – Schools that have participated in a LAA program report great improvements in key metrics, increased team morale, decreases in turnover, and enhancements in the student experience.

Affordable – Because LAA is virtual, it significantly cuts training costs. No travel expenses. No expensive manuals that are 100’s of pages thick and sit on a shelf collecting dust.  No annual licensing fees or train-the-trainer costs.

Convenient and Accommodating – With a computer, tablet or smartphone, a webcam, and internet connection, participants can attend LAA in comfort from anywhere.

Live, Interactive and Engaging – Telling isn’t training. With our training platform, participants engage in relevant, real-life role-plays, demonstrations, breakout sessions, collaboration, activities, and can ask questions of facilitators, receive immediate feedback, and so much more.  And, because it’s live…anything can happen!

Training with Impact – LAA programs appeal to all learning styles, are delivered with infectious enthusiasm, and facilitated by industry leaders who have extensive experience in every role of admissions, leadership, and training.

Experience = Excellence – To ensure every participant is set up for excellence, all of our courses, programs, and tools were designed in collaboration with admissions professionals and leaders, students, parents, teachers, school owners and executives, and performance psychologists, and are always facilitated by engaging industry experts.

The Right Philosophy, The Best Approach – Our Student Relationship Approach (SRA)® is the foundation for all our training courses and programs.  Our proven approach not only prepares participants for success in admissions, but success in life.

Making-it-Stick – We provide activities, reinforcement strategies, and refresher courses to help make the training you receive continue to be effective.

Certificate – Participants receive certificates of completion for continuing education hours.

​​​Net Promoter Score of 90 based on

2021 Wootric Survey

The Academy Advantage
Training for Admissions Professionals & Leaders

No more boring, monotone, data-dumping, hidden-facilitator, slide-by-slide webinars.  No more pre-recorded training sessions. No more expensive annual licensing or train-the-trainer fees.  No more travel costs, or shutting down your Admissions Department for the day.  Welcome to the Legacy Admissions Academy®!   

Imagine a virtual training program that replicates the in-person training experience, while equipping your admissions team with compliant, results-producing skills and tools to excel and genuinely connect with today’s student.  For the past 7 years, the Legacy Admissions Academy has been redefining admissions training with a virtual, interactive experience for the next generation of admissions professionals and leaders. 

From the convenience and comfort of their office or home, thousands of participates have experienced a fully immersed learning platform, facilitated by engaging industry-leaders with success-records in all areas of admissions and leadership.

Our programs and delivery appeal to all learning types.  By utilizing our

3E Training Method (Empowerment, Education, Entertainment) paired with our Student Relationship Approach (SRA)®, the Legacy Admissions Academy is transforming admissions professionals into incredible ambassadors for changing students’ lives, and producing positive results needed in today’s sector.

Whether you’re a new or experienced Admissions Representative or leader,

the Legacy Admissions Academy is a full training solution – offering a variety

of customized campus training programs and national training courses

to help take your skills to new heights to meet/exceed enrollment goals and thrive in your career.

“I will admit, I was expecting the same old boring type of webinar that we have all become used to. However, it was extremely interactive; an experience like nothing I have ever seen before. The topics were right on target to what any admissions team would be looking for to improve enrollment.  I was ready to sign-up for the next series before the training program ended! The facilitators have extremely high energy and are engaging. 

I would highly recommend this training to any admissions team looking to get a  competitive edge.”
- Don Lane, Vice President of Massachusetts Association of Private Career Schools

"Legacy's virtual training is unbelievable and provides an interactive experience unlike  anything offered in the industry. Our members rave about Legacy's revolutionary  approach to admissions training and the effectiveness it's having on enrollment. 

I highly recommend the Legacy Admissions Academy to any school looking for the advantage to grow."
- Gena Wikstrom, Executive Director of Northwest Career Colleges Federation

The Perfect Training Solution