- Reporting 

- Reduce Compliance Findings

- Approved Acquisition Transaction​

Full Student Engagement Through Mobile Interaction 

- Automated Award Letter 

- 7-Stage Financial Packaging

- Student Payment Processor

- Payment Plan Builder

- Financial Aid Verification

- Student Surveys

- Executive Dashboard

- Financial Aid Packaging

- Retention Reporting

- Regulatory Metrics

- Cash Collection Ratios

- Automated Notifications

Meeting the demands of student expectations and engagement requires schools to evolve.  Connecting and staying connected to students throughout their journey, from prospect to professional, also requires an innovative approach to all facets of the admissions process and school experience.  Innovation has been the cornerstone of Legacy's success in helping schools gain the competitive advantage.   Legacy continues to revolutionize the admissions process, and complete student experience, with the first of its kind complete student engagement system.


Legacy SES (Student Engagement System) is a dynamic and completely customizable mobile communication app for schools.  Designed to provide students and school staff with full virtual services, administrative dashboards and metrics to improve the student experience and business, Legacy SES is the complete student engagement system:  

Admissions -  Student Enrollment

Financial Aid - Student Packaging

Academics - Student Retention

Career Services - Job Placement

Compliance  -  Reporting and Reduce Compliance Findings

- Document Collections

- Touch Point E-Signatures

- Student Tasks

- Academic Progression

- Augmented Reality

- Virtual Tours

The Complete Student Engagement Solution

Financial Services Automation

Dashboard & Reporting

​​​4.5 out of 5

Student Mobile Features

- Admissions 

- Student Retention

- Predictive Analytics

- LIVE Video-Chat Advising

- Text and Mobile Notifications

- Emails & Student Messaging

- Career Services