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Legacy Ignition System

Admissions Success Training Programs

Our high-powered and comprehensive admissions training programs and seminars develop new and experienced teams to reach optimal performance in the key areas of the admissions process.

Our turn-key programs will help your team achieve mastery in:

  • Integrity and compliance in today's challenging sector
  • Genuinely connecting and communicating with all student types and learners
  • Scheduling more admissions appointments that show
  • Enrolling more students that are committed to start
  • Building greater campus value and gaining more commitment from prospective students
  • ​Uncovering and hidden obstacles
  • Effectively addressing concerns and overcoming objections
  • Securing the best start after enrollment
  • ​Retaining students to graduate and thrive in their careers
  • Producing and enrolling more referrals
  • Empowerment for sustaining peak performance

Choose from any of our individual programs, or bundle them, and we'll customize a training program to meet your specific goals.  

Our training programs can be delivered at your campus or through our live, virtual, interactive - Legacy Admissions Academy.


Admissions Representative Programs: 

  • Acting with the utmost integrity and compliance in today's sector
  • Setting more appointments that show
  • ​Enrolling more students that start
  • Building value and commitment during the admissions appointment
  • ​The 3M's to retaining future professionals
  • Uncovering and addressing hidden obstacles
  • Mastering the Legacy 5A Model® for addressing concerns and overcoming objections
  • ​The Student Relationship Approach (SRA)® to igniting your    admissions process
  • Keeping students engaged, motivated and committed to start school
  • Understanding, communicating and connecting with Gen. X, Y and Z
  • Conducting an unforgettable physical school tour with impact  
  • Increasing referrals and referral enrollments
  • Simultaneously promoting your campus to prospective students and their support system


High School Specific Programs: 

  • Strategies in scheduling classroom presentations
  • Overcoming objections from teachers and counselors
  • Connecting and staying connected to your audience
  • Getting the most out of your next college/career fair
  • Hosting the best Open House / school events


Admissions Leader Programs:

  • Being the best leader and motivator for your admissions team
  • Hiring and retaining the best admissions talent
  • Best techniques for managing and improving the admissions funnel
  • The Legacy 5A Model® - coaching for top performance

The greatest investment a leader can make is in developing their people.  Unfortunately, less than 2% of an admissions professionals' week is devoted to training and development.  Our highly-regarded training programs, based on our Student Relationship Approach (SRA)®, have been developing admissions teams for optimal performance for nearly 25 years.


We don't use outdated and recycled approaches that prove ineffective.  Instead, we provide tools and train techniques that truly connect with today's students, leverage the psychology of the admissions process, are compliant with today's regulatory expectations, and are industry-leading methods to improving performance and the students' admissions experience.


Facilitated by industry experts and experienced admissions leaders, we provide training for both new and experience Admissions Representatives and High School Representatives, as well as new and experienced Admissions Leaders.


With a focus on both impactful training delivery and superior training effectiveness, our programs are engaging, interactive, use relevant and real-world scenarios, are cost-effective, and create immediate, long-lasting results.

Performance Improvement Solutions for Admissions Professionals & Leaders