The Legacy Talent Optimization System™ Provides:

  • Understanding of the School Leader, Admissions Professional or Educator “Type” of each candidate.
  • Awareness of your team-member's “Type”.
  • Predicts levels of success of your candidates and/or team-members.
  • Predicts how your candidate and/or team-member will respond to situations based on leading tendencies.
  • Awareness of strengths. limitations, motivators, demotivators of each “Type” to guide coaching and management strategies.
  • Best practices for developing existing team-members and strengthen relationships with those you work with.
  • Strategies for employee engagement.
  • Guidance for greater preparation to conduct a more effective and revealing interview.
  • Understanding of how to minimize the leading causes, and expenses, of turnover.

Each Talent Optimization System Includes:

  • Full School Leader, Admissions Professional or Educator Profiler
  • Assessment & Scoring Guide - unlimited testing​ of candidates and staff
  • Candidate Inventory
  • Optimization System interview tools
  • Candidate welcome correspondence for assessment

Incorporate one of our virtual or in-person workshops to onboard your team to each system and develop them for maximum results.​

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The Legacy Talent Optimization and Student Success Systems™ are two patent-pending, 

cognitive assessment, predictive index, and self-discovery and learning instruments designed to help schools make the best hiring decisions, understand and improve staff and faculty performance, and team dynamics.  Additionally, the Legacy Systems identify leading behaviors of School Leaders, Admissions/Financial Aid, and Educator positions, as well as enhance student-educator communication and improve student outcomes.  In doing so, the Legacy Systems are powerful professional and student development tools intended to strengthen school culture by creating greater unity through awareness and acceptance of each other’s uniqueness's.

Unlike similar systems that are too general and not education specific, the Legacy Systems were created by school people, for school people. 

The Legacy Talent Optimization and Student Success Systems™ are Easy to:

1 - Administer (unlimited testing)
2 - Score
3 - Interpret
4 - Determine Strategies
5 - Implement & Coach

What began as a standard mystery shop launched an over 7-year proprietary research project that involved:

- 167 career training schools, colleges and universities in 4 countries
- Studying over 920,000 new student inquiries
- Connecting with over 145,000 active students spanning four generations from

   Baby Boomers to Generation Z
- Collaborating with over 7,600 Admissions and Financial Aid professionals
- Partnering with nearly 26,000 Educators

- Connecting with over 2,600 School Leaders

As a result, the Legacy Talent Optimization and Student Success Systems™ are one of the most extensively researched in the industry, yet the most economical, with validity of 94%.  

Based upon the extent of our research, and the effectiveness of our latest Legacy Systems, our research and development team has received multiple awards, as well as national and international notoriety.

The Legacy Talent Optimization System™ identifies the 4 School Leader,

4 Admissions Professional, or 4 Educator "Types".  It can be used as a stand-alone hiring tool, training resource, or used in conjunction with existing development programs. 

The Legacy Student Success System™ identifies the 5 Student "Types" and targets key student characteristics that are crucial for staff and Educators to be aware of for greater effectiveness in the classroom and supporting a student’s success.

The Legacy Talent Optimization and Student Success Systems™ were intentionally designed to fill a significant void in the market.  As such, there are no expensive facilitator training or licensing fees.  A school may assess unlimited candidates, staff and faculty, as well as enrollees and active students.  The results are immediately available – there is no waiting for a scoring service or costly artificial intelligence assessments.  Completion time for most profilers is approximately 15-minutes and the results are valid and reliable.

Regarded as the industry’s most impactful, engaging and easy to implement systems, Legacy is helping schools of all types and sizes achieve better performance by empowering staff and students through awareness and practical application.

The Legacy Talent Optimization and Student Success Systems™ infuses a common and non-threatening language for understanding individual personality traits and leading tendencies, while providing a framework for applying new communication techniques and success strategies.  Our proprietary assessment and profiler systems are user-friendly with practical tools that can be applied to key positions in a school and for all classrooms, including virtual.​​

The Results and Benefits are Real, Reliable and Immediate

Educator Development

The Legacy Student Success System™ Provides:

  • Understanding of the Student “Types” in your school, classroom or enrollee about to start.
  • Assists Educators to better prepare for, and conduct, a more effective class and coaching session.
  • Awareness to better prepare for upcoming class starts.
  • Predicts levels of academic success and financial responsibility.
  • Clarity of strengths, limitations, motivators, demotivators, communication style, preferred learning environment, and learning style to guide best teaching practices, as well as key areas to improve academically, personally, and professionally.
  • Assistance to develop Educators and school staff to be more effective supporting different Student “Types”.

Student Success System Includes:

  • ​Full Legacy Student Success System™ Profiler
  • Assessment & scoring guide - unlimited testing​ of enrollees and students
  • Student welcome video and correspondences
  • Student "Type" Summary Sheets for assessed enrollees and students
  • Student "Type" Classroom Population Chart

Incorporate one of our virtual or in-person workshops to onboard your team to each system and develop them for maximum results.​

​​​Research Methodology and Development

Personality and Work Performance


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