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  "The Legacy 5A Model®" 


​​​Cracking the Hiring and Staff Development Code –

Hiring, Developing, and Retaining the Best Talent for Your School

To be the best team you must hire, train, and retain the best team members. The role of today’s Admissions and Financial Aid Representatives, Educators, and School Leaders, is more important than ever.  However, finding the best candidate who can make an impact, and developing a team for sustained success, is more challenging than before.

Whether you’re looking to minimize turnover, build a new team, or strengthening an existing team, this workshop is for you.

Based on our award-winning research, and recipient of the Hogan Award for Personality and Work Performance, this workshop will help your team utilize and interpret the Legacy Talent Optimization Systems™, to understand the 4 School Leader, 4 Admissions Professional and 4 Educator “Types” discovered by our proprietary research, and help hiring managers determine the best candidate to join their team.

 Key Learning Goals:

  • Understanding strengths, limitations, motivators, demotivators and communication styles of the 4 Admissions Professional "Types,”          the 4 Educator "Types,” and the 4 School Leader "Types”.
  • The top 3 reasons for turnover.
  • The expense of making bad hire and keeping an underperforming team member.
  • Hiring pitfalls to avoid.
  • Predictive index of performance and tenure for each “Type” in key roles.
  • Techniques for identifying the best candidate that enhances school and team culture.
  • Leading practices for utilizing the Legacy systems to motivate and develop staff for top performance​.
  • Certificate of completion and hours.

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​​Cracking the Student Code –

Improving Connections, Confidence, and Culture Between Students and Educators

With teacher burnout at an all-time high, educators and school leaders are beyond frustrated as they struggle to understand and communicate with the differences in a student’s mindset, communication, learning style, and personality.

Everyone has a unique set of personality traits which evolve through time.  Personality is the core driving our motives, behaviors and actions.  Today’s most successful Educators evolve with today’s student by understanding and embracing their differences. 

As part of our landmark research, which helped create more of our industry-leading systems, this high-impact, entertaining, challenging, hands-on program, will help utilize and interpret the Legacy Talent Optimization System™ and Legacy Student Success System™,

to bring awareness to the 4 Educator "Types” and 5 Student "Types” discovered by Legacy's proprietary research, and provide inspiration for celebrating each Educator and student's uniqueness’s.   

Key Learning Goals:

  • Improved understanding and appreciation for differences.
  • Understanding key strengths, limitations, motivators and demotivators, and communication and learning styles.
  • Bridging the generation gap.
  • Identifying students at-risk and awareness of our predictive index of student outcomes.
  • Effective coaching, engagement, and conflict resolution strategies.
  • Techniques in strengthening an inclusive culture.
  • ​Strategies for improving student retention.
  • Empowering educators to continue changing students’ lives. 
  • ​Certificate of completion and hours.

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We've cracked the codes! 

What began as a standard mystery shop, launched an over 9-year proprietary research project

that involved:

- 167 career training schools, colleges and universities in 4 countries
- Studying over 920,000 new student inquiries
- Connecting with over 145,000 active students spanning four generations from Baby Boomers to Generation Z

- Working with over 3,400 School Leaders
- Collaborating with over 7,600 Admissions and Financial Aid professionals
- Partnering with nearly 26,000 Educators

With an infinite amount of data and conclusions, national and international notoriety, and the development of several industry-transforming systems, the Legacy Team has cracked the codes to:

  • Understanding the influence personality has on marketing and recruiting students, interdepartmental relationships, staff performance, employee and student engagement, and improving school culture.
  • Identifying, understanding, engaging and educating the 5 “Student Types”
  • Connecting, marketing, motivating and enrolling today’s prospective student
  • Identifying and understanding the 4 Admissions Professional "Types," the 4 Educator "Types,”        and the 4 School Leader "Types”.
  • Minimizing turnover by hiring, developing, and retaining top talent in Admissions, Financial Aid, Education and leadership.
  • Increasing student retention.
  • Creating and maintaining a thriving school culture

​In Legacy’s never-ending quest to support schools and students, we offer a wide range of workshops and systems that share the results of our research, infuse best practices, and improve the key operating areas of all types of institutions.  


   Programs for Conferences, Schools & Organizations

Delivered in-person or live, interactive, virtual experience

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Personality and Work Performance


​Cracking the School Culture Code –

Strengthening Staff, Students and School Culture 

“I don’t understand them!”  “They’re not like me!”  “They just don’t get it!”  “That’s not how I would do it.”    

These are just a few of the many frustrations expressed by today’s administrators, support staff, educators and school leaders, as they struggle to understand, communicate, and work together with the differences in a team-member’s and student's mindset and personality.

Everyone has a unique set of personality traits which evolve through time.  Personality is the core driver of our motives, behaviors and actions.  Today’s most successful schools evolve by understanding and embracing differences to improve its culture. 

This high-impact, entertaining, proprietary research-based, hands-on program, will bring awareness to the 4 School Leader "Types,” the 4 Admissions Professional "Types," the  4 Educator "Types,” and the 5 Student "Types” our proprietary research identified, strategies for creating unity, and inspiration for celebrating each other’s uniqueness.   

Key Learning Goals:

  • Improved understanding and appreciation for differences in staff and students.
  • Learning the motives, strengths, limitations and communication styles of the different Admissions Professional, ​              Director, Educator and Student Types.
  • Bridging the generation and communication gap.
  • Minimizing turnover by hiring and retaining top talent in Admissions, Financial Aid, Education and leadership.
  • Understanding key student characteristics, including learning style and targeted areas of improvement.
  • Improving student performance and student retention.
  • ​Strategies for improving team dynamics, unity and strengthening school culture.
  • Empowering staff to continue to evolve and change more students’ lives. 
  • Certificate of completion and hours.

​​​Becoming Pyramid Builders –

Team Building for Victory

Just as the ancient Egyptian and Mayan pyramids still stand tall and strong today, withstanding the test of time and forces of nature, we too can build teams just as strong. 

In this high-energy, interactive, and extremely hands-on workshop, you and your team members’ creative abilities will be tested, everyone will be challenged to grow outside of their comfort zones, and all will gain an appreciation for enlarging their vision to aspire far beyond their limits, and have a TON of FUN in the process.  This session is certain to strengthen and unify your team, while impacting people, culture and performance.   

Key Learning Goals:

  • The 5 components to becoming a pyramid builder - building a strong team.
  • Learning to identify, harness and capitalize on the individual talents of each team member.
  • Celebrating differences and utilizing them to strengthen a team, culture and organization.
  • Strengthening trust and communication.
  • Developing and implementing a shared mission.
  • The impact vision has on team success.​
  • Certificate of completion and hours.

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​​Creating THE BEST Student Experience

Motivating, Engaging, and Retaining Today's Students

From marketing to placement, and everything in-between, creating THE BEST student experience is every team-member's responsibility.

Being a "student first" culture is a shared belief that ensures every student has the best experience, succeeds, and becomes an evangelist of the school. 

This motivational, enthusiastic, and interactive workshop will unite all departments to become a stronger culture and service provider that results in more enrollments, a greater learning experience, and improved graduation and placement rates.  This is a great topic to better understand the psychology of today's student, and leading methods for appealing to the needs that support each learner from prospect to professional.   

Key Learning Goals:

  • Understanding today's student viewpoints of themselves and higher-education.
  • Becoming aware of students' top drivers, motivators, and expectations of their school.
  • Learning how to infuse Legacy's Student Relationship Approach Model™ (SRA) in your admissions process                                                            and educational approaches.
  • How to gain and sustain a student's commitment from the admissions process through                                                                                  graduation and placement.
  • Leading strategies for motivating, engaging, and retaining students.
  • Networking for best practices.
  • Certificate of completion and hours.

Mastering The Legacy 5A Model® –

Resolving Conflict, Improving Retention, and Becoming a Coaching Culture

Do you run away when conflict arises?  Do your students or team-members know how to use their Jedi mind-tricks to push your buttons towards the dark-side of frustration?  Do simple objections or concerns turn into an episode of the Jerry Springer Show?  It’s time to build your confidence with a scientifically-proven system that will turn obstacles into opportunities and strengthen connections, communication and culture. 

Legacy’s internationally recognized, and award-winning, proprietary Legacy 5A Model®, has become the communication DNA of schools and organizations by understanding and effectively resolving conflict, minimizing staff turnover and student drops, and increasing student retention, while transforming into a coaching culture.  

Key Learning Goals:

  • Understanding the psychology of conflict and triggers.
  • The impact mindset has on effectively coaching and addressing conflict.
  • Learning and mastering The 5A Model®.
  • Strengthening one-on-one, team, and educator-student communication.
  • Strategies for becoming a coaching culture and improving student retention.
  • Certificate of completion and hours.

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Educator Development


​​Cracking the Perspective Student Code –

Unlocking the Secrets to Motivating Prospects to Inquire and Enroll   

Receive invaluable insights our research has revealed that confirm some popular beliefs held by today’s school professionals, but absolutely disproves the many myths and misunderstandings schools and marketing agencies have

regarding the mindset, expectations, and key drivers of today’s prospective students.

Key Learning Goals:

  • Understanding the perspectives and market positioning of today’s prospective students.
  • Key influencers both limiting and driving action and decisions.
  • The top 15 words and phrases resonating with, and motivating, today’s prospective students and buying party.
  • The top 15 words and phrases causing a disconnect with today’s prospective students and buying party.
  • ​Improving key marketing and social media messaging.
  • How to strengthen key value propositions. 
  • How do increase web traffic, decrease bounce-rates, and increase inquiry volume without increasing marketing spend.
  • Increasing enrollment conversions.
  • Improve communication between admissions professionals and prospective students.
  • Certificate of completion and hours.