Consulting and Support -

For many schools, once they experience the impact of Legacy’s customized systems and training, they want to directly engage in a longer relationship. This allows us to work closely with their team as a trusted advisor, accountability coach, sounding board, thought leader, and expert admissions and retention strategist.

We offer both 6 and 12-month advisory relationships by providing ongoing coaching, interim management, proprietary research, insights, and on-demand problem-solving. This can range from live webcast or in-person sessions, and time-sensitive consulting and advisory solutions.

These relationships enable a member of the Legacy Team to work directly with you to advance key outcomes, such as increasing enrollments and improving retention, driving new service innovation, and unlocking greater performance with your team. 

Coaching Services -

Coaching sessions can be scheduled for up to 2 hours per session and can be conducted in-person or through live video-conferencing.  

Choose from our Individual and/or Team Coaching solutions (3, 6, 9 or 12 months) and we will customize a program to accomplish your unique objectives.

Individual Coaching -

One-on-one sessions are designed to achieve your specific leadership goals related to your career and business.

Throughout the Individual Coaching Program you will receive:

  • An advocate for your personal/professional success
  • Strategies to sharpen your leadership skills
  • Best approaches to hiring and retaining top admissions talent
  • Techniques for training and motivating your team
  • Best practices for managing the admissions funnel
  • Resolutions to pressing organizational and team issues
  • Strategies for strengthening marketing efforts and improving inquiry mix
  • Guidance for designing and launching new projects and initiatives
  • Approaches to fostering an engaging and positive culture

Team Coaching -

Sessions with the entire team are designed to take your team from good to great to incredible. The focus is to equip strength-based teams with the capacity, confidence and culture needed to succeed.

We'll work closely with the team leader(s) in designing each session to ensure the team is aligned with the leadership and business strategy of the school/organization.

Throughout the Team Coaching Program your team will receive:

  • Hands-on admissions training
  • Strategic solutions to admissions challenges
  • Motivation for sustained performance
  • Exercises for strengthening team unity and culture
  • Best approaches to the many facets of the admissions life-cycle
  • Results-driven new student recruiting strategies
  • ​Guidance towards improving marketing strategies and lead mix
  • Techniques for strengthening the admissions process and student experience
  • Custom resources and solutions to enhance team development and improve enrollment

The Legacy Victory System​™ ​ is cemented in our unique "hip-to-hip" developmental model which provides:

  • High quality assessments
  • ​A commitment to proven leadership and team development methods
  • ​Accountability coaching from industry experts
  • Series of THE best success practices
  • Customized resources to drive immediate results
  • Proprietary research
  • Interim campus or executive management
  • ​Strategic planning
  • ​Individualized coaching and training
  • A confidential and safe environment for growing as a leader and team

​Legacy Victory System

Consulting and Coaching Solutions

​Behind every successful business person, athlete, leader, etc., is a great coach that can push their performance to the highest levels.  The Harvard School of Business conducted a study that proves executive coaching yields 5 to 7 times its investment, making it one of the most powerful resources available to organizations.  As a leader, you know how important it is to keep improving your skills and continuously developing your team for victory.

Receive invaluable, results-driven consulting or coaching from proven industry experts and thought leaders, to help you achieve a greater level of professional development and position your team to reach new heights of performance.

Drawing from our team's real-world success strategies and refreshing perspective, which led departments as big as 150 team-members to victory, you and your team will receive the competitive edge from a coach who knows how to win.

From a first-time manager to the executive, or a newly formed team to a seasoned team, our consulting and coaching solutions can help make a difference at all levels of the school and organization.

Consulting & Coaching for Success