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Every school has its unique challenges, needs and goals.  As the leading training provider for Admissions Representatives and Leaders, the Legacy Admissions Academy offers a training solution based on your specific objectives.  

Our customized campus training programs are designed to support the specific needs of your school and give your team the improvement it's looking for to close performance gaps and meet/exceed expectations.

​Select the program level that best fits your team needs and we'll design an individualized training program to support your specific opportunities and goals, while facilitating a learning experience that helps your team achieve mastery with our immediate, results-producing  tools.


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  Choose from our extensive list of training topics and we'll customize 

  your specific campus training program to achieve your targeted goals:

  Admissions Representative Programs: 

  • Acting with the utmost integrity and compliance in today's sector
  • Making more contact with more prospective students
  • Scheduling more appointments that will show
  • ​Enrolling more students that start
  • Building value and commitment during the campus visit
  • ​The 3M's to retaining future professionals
  • ​Uncovering and addressing hidden obstacles to enrolling, starting          and graduating
  • The 5A Model® to addressing concerns and overcoming objections
  • ​The Student Relationship Approach (SRA)® to igniting your admissions process
  • Keeping students engaged, motivated and committed to start school
  • Understanding, communicating and connecting with Gens. X, Y, and Z
  • Conducting an unforgettable physical school tour with impact  
  • Increasing referrals and referral enrollments
  • Simultaneously promoting your campus to prospective students and their support system


  High School Specific Programs: 

  • Strategies in scheduling classroom presentations
  • Overcoming objections from teachers and counselors
  • Connecting and staying engaged with your audience
  • Getting the most out of your next college/career fair
  • Hosting the best Open House / school events


  Admissions Leader Programs:

  • Being the best leader and motivator for your admissions team
  • Hiring and retaining the best admissions talent
  • Best techniques for managing and improving the admissions funnel
  • The 5A Model® for coaching to top performance​​

Customized Training        6 Hours                      10 Hours                     14 Hours                   18 Hours

Program Hours

Average Improvements in Key Metrics - 

Within 3 Months of Completing the Customized Campus Training:

22.5% Increase - Inquiry to Appt. Set

28.5% Growth - Appointment Show

23% Improvement - Appt. to Enroll

10.5% Surge - Inquiry to Enroll​​

11% Increase - Student Retention

​​​Net Promoter Score of 88 based on

2018 Wootric survey

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               Program           Program            Program            Program

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“The training was absolutely incredible, fun and extremely engaging. 

This is beyond what I expected and the results are amazing.  The Legacy Admissions Academy provides great value and is the perfect alternative to on-site campus training.  In many cases, it proved to be just as effective."

 -  Nicole Drylers, Regional VP of Admissions at Med-Life Institute

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