Legacy Advantage System

Customized Enrollment Solutions

Our strategic enrollment management platform establishes the foundation for building your customized solutions.  Both tested and well-proven in today's challenging sector, our industry-leading proprietary solutions have been co-developed by students, teachers, parents, counselors, performance psychologists, school owners, executives and leaders, and admissions professionals.

Our Advantage System will develop resources and systems to optimize your admissions process, increase results and develop your team for long-lasting performance. 

The Legacy Advantage System™  offers our proprietary enrollment solutions:

  • Legacy 6-Month Contact Strategy and communication templates
  • Legacy SRA Admissions Appointment Setting Phone Guide
  • Legacy SRA Admissions Appointment/Tour Guide

The Legacy Advantage System™  offers customized solutions that:

  • Improve admissions operating systems and student retention strategies
  • Enhance processes to improve efficiency and consistency 
  • Optimize lead management systems (CRM)
  • Integrate the Legacy 6-Month Contact Strategy anc ommunication templates with your CRM
  • Improved existing phone guides that will schedule more appointments and strengthen show-rates
  • Improves existing contact strategies, communication templates (text, email and voicemail), protocols and follow-up strategies that will engage more prospective students
  • Develop remote, virtual admissions operations for both Admissions and Financial Aid Representatives
  • Expand market reach and increase higher converting inquiries
  • Produce more referrals
  • Improves existing admissions appointment guides, communication templates, and collateral materials that enroll more students that will start
  • Increase campus value and gains a higher level of student commitment 
  • Create and leverage unique value propositions
  • Connects and stays connected to Gen. X, Millennials, and Gen. Z
  • Provide consistent coaching, training and development 
  • Offer highly-skilled, interim admissions management (campus, regional or corporate)
  • Facilitate strategic planning
  • ​Develop new market entry strategies
  • Coordinate effective campus and community events
  • Gain more access into high schools and strengthens partnerships
  • Develop high school presentations
  • Increase high school senior inquiries and conversions

How can you best.....

  • Achieve/exceed your enrollment and retention goals?
  • Successfully convert key admissions metrics?
  • Create efficiency and consistency?
  • Devise an approach that truly connects with today's student?
  • Differentiate your campus from the competition?
  • Improve and sustain performance?
  • Expand your market reach?
  • Improve accessibility and partnerships with high schools?
  • Increase the effectiveness of your high school recruitment strategy?
  • Decrease marketing costs?
  • Strengthen the reputation of your campus?
  • Ensure year-over-year growth?

These are not easy questions to answer.  Many schools know what they want to achieve, but may not have the best strategy and/or approach to meet their goals  and fulfill their mission. At Legacy Admissions Solutions, we're proud to have supported campuses throughout the country, and abroad, in finding solutions to these difficult questions and helping achieve their #1 objective - changing more students' lives.


We offer extensive experience and expertise in every aspect of admissions and enrollment management.  Our team draws from their experience working in admissions, marketing, financial aid, operations, and regulatory aspects of higher education, to develop and implement the most effective, compliant and student-centric enrollment solutions.

After conducting a thorough, side-by-side approach to assessing your challenges and opportunities, we will design a series of specific strategies, customized solutions and training, to help you improve conversions and support the enrollment results you want.

With our strategic, scientific, compliant, student-centric, innovative, proven and industry-leading approaches, your campus will gain the competitive advantage for growth.

Customized Proprietary Enrollment Solutions for Immediate Results