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"Belief is our greatest power.  Despite the challenges we face in higher-education, we must never waiver from believing in our immeasurable capacity to leave the world a better place.  That, after all, is the true definition of a legacy."  

- Matthew Schmoker

Matthew Schmoker - 

Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

Matthew Schmoker has dedicated his passion and career to higher-education for nearly 30 years as an award-winning enrollment management and student retention expert, educator, executive coach and trainer, school owner, and acclaimed keynote speaker.

Matt's ability to inspire and develop others for success comes from his unparalleled experience in admissions, student retention, leadership,

and motivating performance.  From his humble beginnings as a High School Admissions Representative, to being an educator, to holding executive level roles including Executive VP of Admissions, President of a 32 school franchise system, and a school owner himself, Matt fully understands the challenges and rewards of today's industry, and has developed an incredible track-record for helping schools exceed enrollment and retention goals.

With an unmatched ability for transforming low-performing institutions into surpassing goals, Matt continued committing his expertise to supporting more schools in maximizing their potential and founded Legacy Admissions Solutions.  Since then, Matt, and the Legacy Team, have supported over 750 schools throughout the United States, and abroad, in surpassing enrollment and retention goals, while strengthening campuses in becoming a culture of service.  As a result, Legacy has become a leading partner in helping schools experience success in a challenging sector.

Additionally, Matt is humbled to be a member of the international speaking circuit, driven by his personal commitment to “Support Dreams, Inspire Greatness” of today's education professionals and students.  As such, Matt is a highly sought-after, internationally acclaimed speaker who has inspired over 
3.5 million people by delivering over 2,900 keynotes and seminars to corporations, associations,     high schools, colleges and universities, and churches.  With his unwavering dedication in sharing his unforgettable “YO! Be Amazing Today!” message, Matt has been inducted into the Washington Education Association Speaker Hall of Fame, and has been recognized ten times by as the "10 Most Inspirational Speakers" of the year.  Most recently, Matt was honored to be selected by the Global Forum for Education and Learning  as "Top 100 Visionaries in Education" for 2021.

With his infectious enthusiasm, passion for education, and unrivaled blend of expertise and proven forward-thinking strategies, Matt, and the Legacy Team, continue to partner with higher-education institutions, of all types and sizes,

in helping gain the competitive advantage to leave an incredible legacy.

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With hundreds of years of combined experience in all facets of higher-education, the Legacy Team understands the fine-craft of admissions, student retention, education, leadership, and training, and brings a wide-range of proven experience and expertise in:

​- Executive Leadership

- School Ownership

- Admissions Service and Management

- Operations

- Financial Aid Service and Management

- Student Retention

- Education

- Regulatory Compliance

- Placement and Career Services

- Marketing

- Recruiting

- Training and Development

​- Executive Coaching

- Strategic Planning

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