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Cracking the Student Code –

Improving Connections, Communication, Coaching, Culture and Confidence Between Students and Educators

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“I don’t understand them!”  “They’re not like me!”  “They just don’t get it!”   

With teacher burnout at an all-time high, these are just a few of the many frustrations expressed by today’s educators and school leaders as they struggle to understand and communicate with the differences in a student’s mindset and personality.

Everyone has a unique set of personality traits which evolve through time.  Personality is the core driving our motives, behaviors and actions.  Today’s most successful schools evolve with today’s student by understanding and embracing their differences. 

This high-impact, entertaining, proprietary research-based, hands-on program, will bring awareness to the 5 Student Types our original research has identified, and inspiration for celebrating each other’s uniqueness.   

Key takeaways include:

  • Improved understanding and appreciation for differences.

  • Key motives, strengths, restrictions, communication and learning styles.

  • Bridging the generation and communication gap.

  • Identifying students at-risk and awareness of student outcome and        market trends.

  • Effective coaching, engagement, and conflict resolution strategies.

  • Strengthening an inclusive culture.

  • ​Strategies for improving student retention.

  • Empowering educators to continue changing students’ lives. 

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President's Award


Model of The Year

  "The Legacy 5A Model®" 


Since he was barely old enough to drive a car, Matthew Schmoker has been on stage inspiring students, educators, leaders and organizations throughout the world. With a passion for education and driving performance, Matt has dedicated a near 25 year career to being an award-winning enrollment management and student retention expert, executive coach, educator, school owner, and acclaimed keynote speaker.

Matt's ability to empower others for success comes from his own survival testimony overcoming abuse, neglect, health challenges and addictions, and the impact he's made in the education industry.

Matt understands the significant challenges and rewards of the education sector.  From his humble beginnings as a High School Admissions Representative, to being an educator, to holding executive level roles - including Executive VP of Admissions, and a school owner himself, Matt infuses proprietary research, real-world experience, and immediate and actionable content in all his talks.

With an unmatched ability for transforming low-performing institutions into surpassing goals, and reigniting passion in the hearts of educators and leaders, Matt continued committing his expertise to supporting more schools and organizations in maximizing their potential and founded Legacy Admissions Solutions.  Since then, Matt, and the Legacy Team, have supported over 700 schools throughout the United States and abroad, in surpassing enrollment and retention goals, while strengthening campuses in becoming a culture of service.  

Matt is driven by his personal commitment to “Support Dreams, Inspire Greatness” of today's education professionals and students.  As a master storyteller, Matt possesses an amazing ability to personally connect with his audiences as he teaches and inspires through his hilarious and heartwarming true stories every audience internalizes, learns from, and never forgets.  

As such, Matt is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator, who has inspired over 3.5 million people by delivering over 4,600 keynotes and seminars to corporations, associations, high schools, colleges and universities. 

With his unwavering dedication in sharing his unforgettable “YO! Be Amazing Today!”  message, Matt has been inducted into the Washington Education Association Speaker Hall of Fame, and has recognized seven times by as the "Ten Most Inspirational Speakers" of the year.  

With his infectious enthusiasm, passion for education, and unrivaled blend of expertise, and ability to inspire excellence in his audiences, Matt will empower your school and organization to leave an incredible legacy.

"I strive to accomplish three things with every audience:  Hope, Believe and Achieve"  - Matthew Schmoker​​

Matt has also made appearances on:

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Mastering The 5A Model® –

Resolving Conflict, Becoming a Coaching Culture


Do you run away when conflict arises?  Do your students or teammates know how to use their Jedi mind-tricks to push your buttons towards the dark-side of frustration?  Do simple objections or concerns turn into an episode of the Jerry Springer Show?  It’s time to build your confidence with a scientifically-proven system that will turn obstacles into opportunities and strengthen connections, communication and culture. 

Legacy’s internationally recognized, and award-winning, proprietary 
5A Model™ has become the communication DNA of schools and organizations by understanding and effectively resolving conflict, while transforming into a coaching culture.  

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the psychology of conflict and triggers.

  • The impact mindset has on effectively coaching and addressing conflict.

  • Learning and mastering The 5A Model®.

  • Strengthening one-on-one and team communication.

  • Strategies for becoming a coaching culture.

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Ten Most Inspirational Speakers

​2003, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2017

​​My Life, My Legacy –

Igniting Passion, Fulfilling Purpose, Changing Lives   

(keynote or workshop)

The perfect program that reminds us why we do what we do and the impact our legacy can have in the lives of many. 

In his award-winning program, Matt takes his audience on a roller-caster experience of laughter and tears as he reignites passion, helps those define, remember and fulfill purpose, and facilitates how to create and maintain a purpose-driven culture that unifies a team, students, school and organization.     

 Key takeaways include:

  • A call-to-action for those who are seeking fulfillment from their work and are determined to achieve their full potential.

  • The benefits of fostering a purpose-driven culture.

  • The 9 elements to creating and maintaining a purpose-driven culture.

  • How to connect team-members to a shared vision and set of values.

  • Inspiration to embrace change and become change-agents, ignite purpose and passion, and unleash untapped potential for high performance.

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​​​​​Education Empowerment Speaker

Admissions & Retention


​Team Building​​

Inspiration & Motivation

"Belief is our greatest power.  Despite the challenges we face in higher-education, we must never waiver from believing in our immeasurable capacity to leave the world a better place.  That, after all, is the true definition of a legacy."  

- Matthew Schmoker​​

Yo!  Be Amazing Today! –

Seizing Your Opportunities to Be Amazing

(keynote or workshop)

“Be Amazing Today” is a life-changing philosophy that has transformed schools and organizations. 

Each of us has the unlimited potential to do amazing things every day. 

No matter who we are or where we come from, there’s always an opportunity to utilize our unique gifts to make an everlasting-impact in the lives of others. 

This high-energy, interactive, and inspirational program will take you on an unforgettable journey to learning what it takes to be amazing as a team and individual.   

 Key takeaways include:

  • How to leverage the three components to being amazing through - meaningful connections, fulfilling purpose, and serving others.

  • Transforming limitations into becoming limitless.

  • Strengthening and improving a culture of unity and excellence.

  • Inspiring amazingness within yourself and your team.